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Mess Tins, Camping Pots & Pans

When you’re out on a long strategic exercise or overnight patrol, it’s important that you have some quality mess tins with you, so you can prepare some nourishing rations while out in the field. Here at Cadet Direct, we stock a vast selection of camping pots and pans, all designed for outdoor military use.

Every pot, pan and mess tin you see here has been designed with the needs of British Armed Forces in mind, and so will be lightweight enough to carry in your pack, and easy to clean. Many of the camping pots you see here have been manufactured from extra tough steel that conducts heat very effectively, meaning you can count on them to cook your food quickly. We also have mess tins with foldable handles, to make packing and travelling easier.

You’ll find mess tins and pots from lots of world-renowned brands, including Pro-Force and BCB. Many of these brands have supplied cooking equipment and gear to the Armed Forces, which means you can depend on these tins and pans to hold up to the toughest conditions.

Every member of the Cadet Forces knows that preparation is the key to survival on outdoor field exercises and camping missions. That’s why it’s important to have all the right gear to prepare and serve your ration packs correctly. If you’re headed out on an extended mission soon, browse our complete range of cooking equipment and utensils and get everything you need for a camping expedition.

Remember, everything we offer comes with fast delivery and same-day dispatch, so order your mess tins and camping pots with Cadet Direct today.