Every year East Midlands UOTC hosts a Winter Ball where Staff and Officer Cadets alike can relax, socialise and celebrate the festive season. For OCdts in the Junior (Badajoz) Company, it is their first experience of military dinners and the formalities that come along with them, such as speeches, toasts and many other long-standing traditions. As well as being a part of EMUOTC’s social calendar, the event provides an opportunity for the unit to raise money for charitable causes.

The charity raffle forms an integral part of EMUOTC’s winter ball. Whilst fun and amusing for those taking part, it is also an opportunity for the unit to raise funds for the Army Benevolent Fund Soldiers Charity. OCdts and staff donate prizes like Garmin watches and silver cufflinks, or more valuable (in the eyes of OCdts) prizes like a one-time use voucher to get a pizza whilst on a field exercise. The ABF Soldiers Charity means a lot to EMUOTC, especially those whose families have served. Their support of veterans across the country, providing training for jobs, family support and elderly care means that those who have sacrificed mentally and physically are properly cared for and supported to live independent lives. The Winter Ball raffle has donated to the ABF Soldiers Charity for the last two years, raising almost two thousand pounds. They hope to continue this relationship and through the generous donations of companies and individuals increase the amount they are able to raise for such a worthy cause.

East Midlands UOTC Winter Ball raising funds for the Army Benevolent Fund Soldiers Charity

The Winter Ball is an excellent event enjoyed by all EMUOTC members and a tradition that will continue as a staple of their calendar in years to come, both providing enjoyment and experience to our Officer Cadets but also raising money for charitable causes such as the ABF.