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  1. The Royal Air Force (RAF) Regiment

    The Royal Air Force (RAF) Regiment
    IN THE BEGINNING The RAF Regiment is to the RAF, what the Royal Marines are to the Royal Navy; it is the ground fighting force that enables its parent service to operate effectively from a safe environment. The RAF Regiment has its roots in the RAF Armoured Car Squadrons that protected the RAF in its Air Control role of preserving the...
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  2. Cadet Career Development - Find out how to progress

    Cadet Career Development - Find out how to progress
    Every Cadet has the opportunity to earn promotion and develop their cadet career, the skills and abilities you require can only be developed by training and practice. To a great extent your opportunity for promotion is entirely in your hands, from your first Parade night your attitude towards your mates, how you respond to being given instructions and how well...
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  3. Cadets and The DofE Award Scheme

    Cadets and The DofE Award Scheme
    WHAT IS THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD SCHEME & WHY SHOULD THE ACF/CCF GET INVOLVED? The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, now known officially as The DofE, is a well known established award international programme of personal development leading to a prestigious award for those who complete the challenge. It is an excellent addition to your cadet life. To take...
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  4. RAF Air Cadets - Main Components of an Aircraft

    RAF Air Cadets - Main Components of an Aircraft
    There are 4 main components of a fixed wing aircraft which are: Fuselage, Main Plane, Tail Unit and Alighting Gear. 1. FUSELAGE This is the body of an aircraft to which the other components are attached. It also contains the cockpit or cabin, weapons, fuel tanks avionic and electrical systems and sometimes engines. The Fuselage accommodates the crew and passengers...
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  5. FREE Fieldcraft Lessons for Cadets!

    FREE Fieldcraft Lessons for Cadets!
    With the release of our new 'Fieldcraft for Cadets' handbook proving a huge success, there are now lessons available to watch on YouTube. Designed and created by an ACF adult instructor, these lessons can be transferred over all cadet forces (SCC, CCF and ATC/RAFAC). Perfect for learning at home or in the garden. The Fieldcraft for Cadets Handbook is broken...
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  6. Drill Within the ACF and CCF

    Drill Within the ACF and CCF
    THE HISTORY BEHIND DRILL Drill is the term used to describe a formal parade where you are able to move quickly in formation from one place to another. Through history, British Army Drill has been the foundation upon which discipline; teamwork, pride and pageant have all taken equal part. In the days of the ‘Brown Bess’ musket, when in battle...
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  7. ACF/CCF Personal Turnout

    ACF/CCF Personal Turnout
    ACF/CCF CLOTHING It costs a great deal of money to provide all ACF/CCF cadets with a free of charge uniform with enough stock for exchanges. Therefore, taking good care of it, including keeping it clean, pressed and in good repair is very important. During basic training, cadets are given instructions on how to care for their uniform. Remember… Sloppy Uniform, Sloppy Cadet...
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  8. The ACF - How is it organised and supported?

    The ACF - How is it organised and supported?
    The Army Cadet Force is a national voluntary youth organisation. But how is it directed, organised and supported? If we look at the ACF charter, this provides an insight into what the organisation is about: The ACF is sponsored by the Army and provides challenging military, adventurous and community activities. Its aim is to inspire young people to achieve success...
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  9. The Army Cadet Force - Past & Present

    The Army Cadet Force - Past & Present
    THE EARLIEST DAYS The Cadet Force can trace its beginnings to 1859.  At that time there was a threat of a french invasion.  Few units of the British Army were at home; most of them were serving in India after the Indian Mutiny.  The Volunteers were formed because of the threat of invasion.  The threat of invasion was again repeated...
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  10. RAF Air Cadets - Shooting in the Cadets

    RAF Air Cadets - Shooting in the Cadets
    Shooting in the Air Cadets Service shooting is split into two distinct activities; shooting as a sport/competition shooting and qualification/operational firing. It is very difficult to try and treat them separately when you get down to the serious business of the skills required for shooting. However as a member of the Cadet Forces, competitive shooting is what you will be doing...
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