Today we wanted to share a good news story of a former cadet who has recently joined the RAF. AC Bashford is a phase 2 recruit training to become an RAF Regiment gunner. The RAF Regiment is the infantry force of the RAF. At age 13 AC Bashford joined the Air Training Corps at 2158 Sevenoaks Squadron and over 5 years progressed through the ranks of both corporal and sergeant. AC Bashford took part in many camps including RAF Shawbury and the Kent wing greens camp which cemented his dream to join the RAF Regiment. In December 2015 he applied for the RAF and after a year long recruitment process involving 4 interviews, 3 courses and 1 medical examination, he later found himself leaving for basic training in February 2017. AC Bashford has recently graduated from the Recruit Training Squadron at RAF Halton as an Aircraftsman within the Royal Air Force.

AC Bashford Training RAF Regiment Gunner

Achieving goals like this takes a lot of hard work and dedication and so we at Cadet Direct would like to congratulate AC Bashford and wish him every success in his career, as well as thanking him for letting us share his fantastic news. We'd love to hear from any other customers who'd like to share with us their achievements through the cadets.