With the biggest change in the delivery of training since the formation of the Air Cadets more than 75 years ago comes new and improved badges. So we thought we'd share with you everything we've learnt on the upcoming Air Cadet Badges.

All new cadets will undertake training within the First Class Cadet syllabus and this allows blue level awards and badges to be achieved in a variety of subjects including; Basic Radio Operator and Cyber Awareness, Heartstart First Aid, Foundation Level Leadership and a pre-Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

2017 upgrade your air cadet badge heartstart

Additional badges are available for air rifle shooting and a musician’s badge can be awarded if a cadet has a recognised music board examination at Grade 3 level. Flying and Gliding Aviation Training Packages are available from the age of 13 years and 3 months and blue wings will be presented once the elements of ground school, Part Task Trainer and airborne sorties are completed.

air cadet wings new badges

Once a blue badge has been awarded, cadets can engage in further levels of the Progressive Training Syllabus which allows them to maintain a positive level of engagement with training and provides a focus on achievement throughout their time as a cadet. The highest awards at gold level will include Instructor First Aid, Cyber Specialist, National Musician, Advanced Leadership, Competition Marksman, Pilot Scholarship and gliding to solo standard.

musician’s badge awarded cadet level 3

Existing cadets who have already achieved a badge from the old training syllabus will be eligible to receive the new equivalent badge awarded from the Progressive Training Syllabus. Cadets who have achieved a gliding badge from the old syllabus will be allowed to continue to wear this until they progress further within the Aviation Training Package. You can see below the transition from older badges to new.

Air Cadet Badges To and From Transition 2017 Graphic

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award badges will be smaller and will move from the jumper to the brassard. You can also see the air cadet badge placement below.

Air Cadets Brassard Poster Cadet Direct

Below we have the new MTP RAF Air Cadets officers rank slides. These slides are manufactured using fully compatible MTP fabric to perfectly match your PCS uniform and equipment.

air cadets uniform badges

A Blue Badge logbook identifies the blue level awards from the new syllabus that can be achieved either during First Class Cadet Training or at any other time during a cadet’s service. You can click on the Blue Badge logbook image below to download a copy.

raf squadron badges

The transition from old badges to new will be completed throughout squadrons over the coming months. If you want to upgrade your air cadets uniform badges you can find them for sale on our website. Simply head over to Air Cadet Badges today.